Setup a Profile as a Professional

Step 1: Visit a page under “Are you a professional”

Start at

From the top menu, please visit the appropriate professional type

Step 2: Click on “Create Account (Free)” button

Step 3: Register as a Professional

Click on the Sign Up tab

Then enter the following fields

  • Email: Note: This is where you want to receive your important account notifications. This email is not publicly visible. The email visible to the public is setup later
  • Password:
  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Are you a legal Professional — this is key to setting up an account as a professional and not a client. Note: If you accidentally miss this, you can delete your account and start all over again

Step 4 Setup your profile beginning with a profile picture

For personal accounts: a profile picture is important for lawyers, legal interns and even advocates as it helps people see the human and professional face

For Organizations accounts: A logo or some branding image may be uploaded

A profile picture greatly increases the chance of being selected by the client. However, you are not required to have one in case you don’t feel comfortable releasing one for privacy.

Step 5 Set Profession

You can set any profession. There are some special features available for these professionsl

  • Advocate: These would fall under the court
  • Lawyer : Licensed lawyers only
  • Clerk: Clerk of a court only
  • Judge: Judge of a court only
  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal Intern
  • Nonprofit (Social workers, victim advocates can also select this option)

Step 6 Write a standard blurb

This is the recommended blurb:

I am a law student, not a lawyer. That means I can help you fill out your protection order petition, but I cannot give legal advice. However, I have an attorney mentor I am working with to whom I can reach out to get your legal questions answered.

Step 7: Add Contact Information

In case you don’t have an office phone, then create a free Google Voice forwarding phone number to keep your personal phone number private

Step 7b: Address

Use the Seattle University Address in case you don’t have an office address: “901 12th Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98122”

Step 8: Fill the Resume section (Optional)

Add with your relevant work experiences. This is an optional section but will really help build confidence with potential clients.

This helps with matching you with clients

Step 9: Set Practice Area

Set the practice area as “Domestic Violence”. You can set additional practice areas

The slider below the practice area is set at 100, you can leave it as it is.

Step 10: Recent Cases (Optional)

You can discuss any cases you have worked on without revealing any client information. This section helps with the matching of clients with legal professionals.

Step 11: Services

This is an important part of your profile if you want LegalAtoms clients to be able to find you based on the services you offer. In case you are using Legalatoms just to create documents for your existing clients (e.g. clients who call you but did not locate you via LegalAtoms0 then you can totally ignore this section.

For quick start: Click on Domestic Violence tab and enable the pro bono plan

Step 11B Add Custom Plans

You can also define custom plans, which would be only visible on your profile. Here you can define the services offered as per your own preferences.

Step 12: Connect your calendar (Optional)

LegalAtoms allows you to link your calendar so appointment requests can be made by the clients. At the moment only Google calendars are supported.

You have a fine set of controls for appointments such as

  • Days of the week
  • Start and end hours (e.g. Mon, Wed 12pm-2pm)
  • Appointment duration
  • Heads up you need (e.g. 1 day advanced notice)
  • And a few other controls

Step 13: Preview

At this point you can preview your profile

Step 14: Make your profile Public (Optional)

In the settings tab, you can turn on the first switch, and this just means that your profile will be discoverable.

Only when you turn on the next switch do we allow clients to send you requests.

Once a client sends you request, you will receive an e-mail notification. If you login, you will also see a facebook style notification.