Conversations with Clients

The conversations feature allows a client and professionals to have a secure chat within LegalAtoms. It works very much like popular messaging features on LinkedIn or Facebook — so users don’t have to learn new concepts.

The conversation can take place with a client and professional (including court officials) who are connected.

A conversation cannot have multiple participants – only the client and one professional OR between two professionals e.g. Court and Law Enforcement.

Here’s the view for the professional (court officials, law enforcement, lawyers, legal interns etc)

Step 1: Login to LegalAtoms

Navigate to

You will see the login screen where you can enter your credentials and hit login

Step 2: Go to conversations section

Click on conversations

You will see all previous chats on this page in contrast you can start a new chat

Step 3: Start new chat

You can chat with other users by clicking on new chat icon as shown below

Then on the right pane type the name of the client to start the conversation with e.g. “Ann” You will see a drop down appear with list of options that match the string to select from. Select the client you want to converse with

You will see the right pane to refresh to show a box to type your message to

You can type a message and hit the arrow key. The client would receive the message.

The client would also receive an email and text notification that they have received a message (but not the message content). The client is expected to log in and then read the message. This provides a natural safeguard against someone monitoring the emails.

Later when the client replies, the professional account will see the following notifications

  • Email
  • In-App notifications in the top menu (just like when you receive a new client)