The ability for Judge to approve/deny a temporary order

This page is for court officials, and describes the flow of case after it has been e-filed. It covers the specific steps of

  • Clerk (or District Court front desk staff) approval at which point the case is accepted and a cause number is assigned
  • Judge approval (or denial) at which point the signed Temporary Order (Denial) is created. Judge can optionally forward the case to the Law Enforcement account for service

The case can be any of the civil protection orders such as:

  • Domestic Violence Protection Order
  • Sexual Assault Protection Order

Step 1: Locate the Case

Login to LegalAtoms, and you will land on the dashboard.

In case you are using the test environment, you will see some cases added to your dashboard for testing purposes

Select any one with the status “Submitted” (Note: Not Submission Approved which just means that these cases have also been accepted by a Clerk already)

Step 2: Clerk approves

The clerk clicks on the Submission Received button to approve the case.

  • When the clerk clicks on the Submission Received button a popup show where the clerk enters the Cause Number and clicks on the save button then Approve & Email button is enabled.
  • The clerk clicks on the Approve & Email button to approve the case.

Step 3: Clerk sets the hearing reminders

If the case is approved, the section titled Hearing Reminder is displayed.

Hearings can be set as follows:

  • Clicks the New button and
  • Enter the date and time
  • Select when the reminder should be sent, options being
    • 2 days prior to the hearing
    • 2 hours prior to the hearing
  • (Optional step) Enter the email reminder message
  • Click Save

At this point the reminder is set

Step 4: Judge creates the temporary order

In case the judge plans to approve the order, the Judge can create a temporary order that overrides the protections requested by the petitioner.

Steps are

  • Click Begin button to complete the “Temporary Order of Protection” questionnaire
  • Submit the questionnaire
  • Click Generate Documents

Step 5: Judge approvesĀ  (or Denies)

The Judge approves or Reject the case by click on Approve/Reject button. If Judge clicked on approve button a popup show where he enters the message and mark/unmark the Law Enforcement.

Step 6: Case is sent to Law Enforcement

After the Approve button is clicked, a notification is sent to the Law Enforcement email and account. Also the client’s case appears on the Law Enforcement’s dashboard.

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